Website Management & Email

Fast, Secure WordPress Hosting and Email Support

We’ve hosted 000’s of websites across the globe from start-up businesses to PLCs.

Here’s how we have the Nuts to protect and manage your site and email

The Platform

The Nuts hosting platform has been built expressly to optimize WordPress, with enterprise grade performance and 99.9% uptime.

Nuts Performance

Nothing cracks a customer’s Nuts more than waiting for a website to load. We’ll monitor your site and continuously look for new ways to make it load faster.

Nuts Defender

We’ll scan your website daily to keep out those pesky hackers with complex security rules, network isolation, threat detection & blocking.

Nuts Updates

When there are new releases to the WordPress Core, Plugins and Theme software we update immediately to prevent security issues.

Nuts Locker

Nobody likes to lose their hard work. If you’ve accidentally deleted something, don’t panic, Nuts Locker takes a backup of your site every night.

Nuts Intel

We’ll give you a 24/7 Reporting Dashboard with insights on how your site is performing, letting you take control of your digital future.

Your WP Expert

Your Nuts WP Expert will help you make minor website changes like changing text, adding images, adding a team member, putting up posts etc.

Our website management and email packages


per month

Nuts Managed

Fully Managed, Superfast WordPress Hosting


per year

Nuts Secured

SSL Certificate
(wee green padlock in the URL)

This add on is required for all Nuts Managed customers!


per month

Nuts Email

For up to 3 email accounts
+£4 for each additional account

This add on is optional for Nuts Managed customers!